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Intriguing books on architecture, planning and design

Copal Publishing is a wholly independent publisher of architecture and planning.


“We work with a mission to become the first choice publisher for research and professional communities.”


Although a new company, Copal Publishing is founded by a group of publishing professionals who have vast experience in publishing for the scholarly and professional communities worldwide.


At Copal, we are dedicated to deliver quality content at affordable prices with competitive royalties and aggressive marketing. We work with an aim to publish books that are both intellectually stimulating and innovative.


STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE: We have a passion to achieve the excellence in our work, as we enjoy in what we are doing.


LONG-TERM PERSPECTIVE: We don’t focus on short-term financial gains, instead we take a long-term view in our decisions.


BELIEVE IN COLLABORATION: We continuously consult with the research and professional communities to bring out the most focused content.


CUSTOMER ORIENTED: We are committed to provide products and services of the highest possible standard.


STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP: We believe in the power of partnership with our publishing partners, i.e. authors and suppliers, to meet our common objectives.

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