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For Authors

New and established authors and editors are always welcome to discuss their ideas for a book. Copal Publishing promises to give a fair and courteous assessment to your idea.


Copal Publishing is committed to publish books of the highest possible standard for academicians and professionals, and therefore produces single-author work as well as an edited, multi-authored collection.


We encourage books which espouse academic thoroughness and real-life applications in constant mutual harmony with enhanced value addition. To publish the conference/seminar proceedings, we would require a bulk sale of the proceedings to the organizer of the event because of the relatively restricted market for conference proceedings.


1 Publisher of YOUR CHOICE

Copal Publishing aims to become publisher of your choice. This aim of ours aided with ethics of publishing drives our course of actions. This entails the core philosophy of our publishing programme. We promise to not compromise on this key issue ever.


2 Close ATTENTION with an OPEN-MINDED attitude

An important point for you to consider as an author is that we are an independent publisher and not a part of faceless multinational company. We believe in giving a close attention to our authors with an open-minded attitude.


3 Expert GUIDANCE and personalized SUPPORT

We are dedicated to make the publishing process hassle-free, from submission of manuscript to printing & binding. Our editorial team would be glad to involve with you even while preparing manuscript. We use a friendly and professional approach while advising and supporting our authors.


4 Books in PRINT and e-FORMAT

Books will be published in both print and electronic media to provide maximum accessibility and availability.


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