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The development of IS 15883: Part 2 (2009), Construction Time Management Guidelines is an important milestone in formally recognising the threshold framework for the construction industry. This initiative of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) provides for a national framework for time management which specifically focuses on unique aspects of Indian construction industry. This handbook supplements the BIS framework enshrined in IS 15883: Part 2, and thereby facilitating capacity building for widespread application of the Guidelines. 


As a primary expectation, the handbook would serve as a supplementary textbook for students of architecture, and civil engineering who are pursuing subjects in construction management. It is also an effortless reference for new entrants to the field of project management, and other management professionals as well who seek a quick reference to the tools and techniques of time management illustrated through examples in easy language. 


The chapters of handbook follow the stages of a typical project lifecycle of a construction project, flowing seamlessly from project planning through scheduling to project closure. In addition, latest trends in the construction sector in terms of tool, techniques, and software have also been elaborated. It is implied that time management operates in conjunction with other interdependent processes of project management, and might need multi-dimensional decision making. To that extent this handbook does elaborate the relevant interface that maybe critical for comprehensive project management approach.


A Handbook for Construction Planning and Scheduling (Second Edition)

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  • V K Paul
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