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Bashirul Haq is a Bangladeshi architect, critic and educator. He is undoubtedly one of the most critically acclaimed contemporary architects of South Asia. Haq is known for his ideological environment-responsive architectural style which has a deep-rooted connection with the local context expressed through a rich blend of tradition and modernity. Very few architects have been able to strike this new balance between these two forces and a language that is contemporary yet responsive to local culture and climate.


Bashirul Haq was born on 24th June 1942 at Bhatshala, Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh. He did his Bachelor of Architecture from National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan in 1964. He then received the John Heimrich Tuition, Scholarship and Teaching Assistantship at University of New Mexico, USA in 1971, and completed his Master of Architecture in 1975. He returned to Bangladesh and established Bashirul Haq & Associates in 1977. In the last four decades of his practice, Haq has designed several notable buildings that celebrate cultural roots, respect local context and are climate responsive. His quintessential design characteristic is sensitive use of local materials such as brick, concrete and natural wood.


The book throws light on few of his prestigious architecture projects.

Bashirul Haq Architect

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