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The book decodes the influences of Hindu temple architecture on the Khmer temple architecture of Cambodia with a method to study temple architecture holistically. There is a systematic transmission of knowledge from India to Cambodia which has developed a new style of temple architecture in that region. The Dravidian temple architecture influenced Khmer temple architecture of Cambodia beyond the physical form of the temple. The book includes the detailed study from regional level to the temple architecture level so that the influences, either direct or indirect, could be comprehended.


Another important aspect of this book is to appreciate Indian temple architecture holistically. It is observed that the focus of major studies in temple architecture are based on the Western approach where it is based only on the physical appearance of the temple. Another approach is to study temples based on the ancient texts only. These two ends have always been disconnected. Assimilating these aspects together this book explores the temples holistically. This makes this book significant in the field of architecture.


Cambodia: Decoding Khmer Architecture | Hindu Temple Architecture

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  • Ujjwala Anand Palsuley
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