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With the number of cities and towns going up to about 8,000 now, both the JnNURM and the 12th Five year Plan document focussing on India’s urban rejuvenation, and with the current focus on developing 100 smart cities, total sanitation for all houses by 2019, at least 500 habitations to be provided the basics and a new Mission on Low Cost Affordable Housing, there is a considerable interest among a cross section of society on understanding the complexities of urban India and the way forward. The book discusses these challenges and explains the possible strategies for their solution.


Prominent urban thinkers of India have come together to discuss key urban and rural issues of India in this book. The book includes chapters on urban planning, water, solid waste management, transport, finances, slums, PPPs, and governance.


India’s Urban Confusion will be a standard reference for urban planners, policymakers, government officials, local bodies/development authorities/other para statals, and academics interested in urban studies, economics, and development studies.

India's Urban Confusion: Challenges and Strategies | Urban and Rural India

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  • Dr. M. Ramachandran (Former Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development)
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