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The book uses the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake 2011 to realise community relocation with human rights and ethics around the world.


This book has been written with an emphasis on the following two objectives. The primary objective is to explore practical planning theory. To carry out planned community relocation, it is imperative to fully understand the (a) background and process of community relocation, and (b) the resulting impact on people's lives. Based on the problems or opportunities identified, we aim to propose practical knowledge and methods for social implementation to be used during the preparation of future development plans for community relocation. The other objective is the consideration of planning theory based on the different contexts in which community relocation takes place.


The book aims to propose measures to carry out community relocation before and after disasters that can be executed in a democratic world, by upholding the rights of each individual and respecting the social life of the community.

Community Relocation, Disasters and Climate Change in Asia-Pacific Region

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  • Suguru Mori

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