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Designing Better Architecture Education is an outcome of a research conducted systematically with diligence, passion, wide and in-depth exercise on the obvious and latent aspects of undergraduate architecture education. Although specific to India, this study probes the diverse global scenario in acknowledgement of the global style of architecture, where green preferences surface as compulsion. The findings are arranged systematically, analyzed impartially and inferred upon logically. The final bunch of suggestions aimed at a much desirable architecture education revamp in India is, in fact, relevant for architecture education as a whole anywhere.


The author suggests compaction of graduation time, intensification of exposures, interactions and instructions, shift of focus, introduction of contemporary specializations, restructuring intake, revamping academic administration and a significant change of stance in teaching itself, including methods, philosophy, attitude and paraphernalia. The book provides valuable information, insight and suggestions to rejuvenate the academic approach to the education of architecture and forms a reliable basis for further endeavor in this direction.

Designing Better Architecture Education: Global Realities and Local Reform

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  • Manjari Chakraborty
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