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Urban planning is as broad as the scope of urban government, which is closest to the people. It is an essential pre-requisite to the successful performance of duties of urban government, because it does offer most logical approach to solving city’s problems, arising from rapid urban growth and expansion, as well as from changing conditions affecting inner city.


This book is about establishing what has gone wrong with urban planning in Delhi, and of fixing flawed urban planning in operation. In this context, it is pertinent to have an understanding of the metropolis of Delhi, as much as the urban planning process. The book describes the metropolis through its morphology, its socioeconomic profile, the way rich and the poor live, its built environment, mode of travel, and the administrative aspects of urban planning.


This book is not only for town planners but also for the citizens of Delhi, with the intention of making them more aware and enlightened about urban planning and urban governance. Urban planning is making decisions that profoundly affect the form and character of Delhi metropolis, in which its citizens live and the manner of their lives.

Fixing Flawed Urban Planning: The Case of Delhi

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  • B. G. Fernandes
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