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System’s approach (SA) is a holistic approach of understanding. The approach streamlines how small parts or things or events influence one another within a sequence of events, which constitutes of to-and-fro causal relationships. The network of such relationships represents a whole, where more than the co-existence of parts, the pattern of relationship gains a higher significance. The book presents a system's evluation of global history of Indian architecture.


Recently, the entire scientific world, ranging from social sciences to basic quantum and relativistic physics, and say, from ecology to trans-personal psychology, are being revolutionized by the system’s approach. The system approach expands from a conventional reductionist paradigm of looking at linear causal relationships to a view port of looking at things or events in a wider and deeper perspective involving a non-linear or cyclic nature.


In applied and social sciences, a system’s approach presents a system of interconnections between the evolution of human society and systems through a chain of to-and-fro relationship with environment itself. Architecture is a science of built environment, and the evolution of architectural systems likewise is an outcome of human–nature or behaviour–environment correlations, and often, these correlations are reciprocal, cyclic and complex. Under system’s approach, therefore, it is extremely important to see the architecture as a co-evolutionary function of these correlations. This is the principal essence and concern of the present book.

A System's Evaluation of Global History of Indian Architecture

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  • Joy Sen and A. Mohanty

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