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While urbanization may be crucial to the economic development of any nation, one of its greatest drawbacks, at least in the context of our city of Delhi, has been the acute shortfall in democratic housing stock. Therefore, addressing issues of housing necessarily has to acknowledge if not squarely address housing inadequacy especially amongst the less privileged. Indeed, even the privileged today have very few options!


The book is both a reflection and critique of the city's response to the need for shelter by initiating discussion and debate on the objective of multi-family housing, changing government norms and the fluctuating real estate market.


The book engages with the current concerns of providing high-density housing keeping in mind the need to include the mixed-income groups, maximizing mass transport facilities, introducing mixed-use development, and addressing issues of equity and cost-subsidies. In other words, create strategies to house an optimum number, achieve a net-zero system, reduce need for travel and above all provide for a quality of life that nurtures the best in humanity.

High Density Housing for Mixed-Income Groups

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  • Ranjana Mittal and Aneesh Nandi
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