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Landscape architecture can neither be studied nor practiced as an isolated, independent or pure subject; it remains an intensely interdisciplinary engagement that continuously defines itself based on parameters of scale (regional, urban, rural, etc.), issues (ecology, culture, heritage, etc.) and application (planning, management, design, etc.). The book, through its rigorous research, documentation and vision, attempts to create a platform to better articulate this interdisciplinary engagement of landscape architecture as a fluid yet critical system of ideas.


Landscape Architecture: History, Ecology and Patterns offers a plethora of best practices, perspectives and understanding towards comprehensive reading of the field of landscape architecture. In dealing with such pluralism, the book serves as a critical reader for today's student and professional alike in assuming a more relevant and active role to better address regional and ecological questions encapsulating place, time, process and sustainability.

Landscape Architecture: History, Ecology and Patterns

SKU: 39
  • Minakshi Jain
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