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The government's commitment to "minimum government, maximum governance" has guided its policy, legislation and decision making at various levels. Advances in technological advancements - whether it is telecom, space, energy or information technology - have no doubt accelerated changes in governance, but the challenge before us is how to leverage these in the best possible and most practical manner so that even the last person at the end of the line, living in far and remote corners of the country, gets all that he needs in the form of service delivery with ease. It is in this context that this book is of immense relevance. It outlines the agenda as to what more needs to be done in the immediate future. 


Dr. Ramachandran has very succinctly and in a very simple and straightforward manner brought out myriads of common problems people face, in both urban and rural areas. He has also described what measures need to be taken to bring out governance changes for effective delivery of services at the grass-root level.

Bringing People and Government Closer | minimum government, maximum governance

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  • Dr. M. Ramachandran (Former Secretary, GoI)
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