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National Conference Proceedings on Urban Interventions


The journey through these National Conference Proceedings, organised by NIT Raipur, takes us on a global tour of ideas, innovations, and experiences. We traverse the landscapes of economics, architecture, sociology, environmental sustainability, and governance, examining the intricate web of factors that influence housing availability, accessibility, and quality. From case studies illuminating successful policy implementations to thoughtful critiques of existing paradigms, each article represents a building block in the construction of a more equitable and inclusive housing future.




Reviving the Unused Spaces Under Flyovers

Ayushraj Mohanty and Ruma Bhatt


Potential for Enhancing the Affordable Housing Supply: Case of Jyoti Nagar, Raipur

Chinmay Satbhai and Dr. Vandana Agrawal


Ward-Level Competitiveness Index: A Tool for Delivery of Urban Services

Ar. Garima Tamrakar and Dr. Kshama Puntambekar


Prospects of Urban Rental Housing in India

Harshita Kaur, Sanjay Choudhary and Dr. Bhavna Shrivastava


Development Challenges in Urban Transportation Planning for Smart Cities in India post Covid–19

Neha Mittal and Dr. Tejwant Singh Brar


Ecosystem Services as the Driver of Urban Growth: Case Studies and Recommendations

S.S. Mosby and S.K. Paul


Implications of Mixed-Use Development on Parking

Ar. Seema S Paulzagade and Dr. Pratap M Raval


Metro Rails and Property Prices: A Scientometric Analysis to Comprehend the Literature in Indian Context

Vivek Agnihotri and Dr Saikat Kumar Paul


Analyzing the Policies for Urban Cluster Development in Mumbai: Government Colony, Bandra (East), Mumbai

Ar. Nivedita Anvay Desai and Ar. Swarupa Sane


Drinking Water Treatment: Proposed Modifications and its Cost Implications: A Case Study

S. N. Wajahat and Dr. P. R. Attar


Impact Assessment of Visual Perception on Heritage Value of Historic Temple Precinct due to Urbanisation: A Case of Jagannath Temple, Puri

Amit Chatterjee and Bharati Mohapatra


Study on People’s Perspective on Significance of the Heritage Structures in an Urbanised Scenario: A Case of Lakshminath Bezbaroa’s Residence in Sambalpur, Odisha

Ananya Sreyansri Nanda and Amit Chatterjee


Measuring and Improving Neighborhood Livability Through Urban Open Spaces in Old Town, Bhubaneswar

A. K. Senapati and A. Mukerji


Enhancing Tourism of Marble Rock City: Jabalpur

Ar. Garima Tamrakar, Er. Saraswat Sekhar Sarangi


The Big Banyan: A Comprehensive Study of Utilization of Unbuilt Space Around the Banyan Tree in Indian Context

Ar. Seema Umesh Patil


Revisiting the Past for Future Cities: An Approach Toward Sustainable Development of Historic Areas in an Urban Context

Ar. Shilpa Dhawale


Importance of Eco-efficiency in Existing City Design Concepts

Shraddha Sharma and Dr. Debashis Sanyal


Understanding Fragmented Pockets of Urban Fabric Case: Gaothan

Ar. Swarupa Sane and Ar. Nivedita Desai


Evaluation of Bioclimatic Principles in Design of Tropical High-Rise Dwellings: Case Studies from Africa

K.E. Chukwujindu, N. Bansal and G. Kasiraman


Effects of Green Building Facades on Urban Ecology

Tavishi Rana


Comparative Analysis of Road Surfaces to Urban Heat Island in Pune

Vaibhavi Milind Shinde and Dr. Priya Bangle


Understanding Urban Surfaces Through People, Place and Time

Ar Suvaj Mohanty, Ar Dharitri Das and Ar Dibyasingh Jena


Challenges and Opportunities in Urban Water Management: A Case of Silchar City in Assam

A. Saha and S. Sharma


Decentralized Wastewater Treatment: A Case of Patna City in Bihar

Aman Gupta and Ritu Rani


Climate Risk Assessment for Coastal Communities of Sundarbans: Case of Namkhana Block

Ayushi Dhar and Saikat Kumar Paul


Role of Ecology in City Planning and Development: Case of Jammu City

Ar. Komika Walia and Ar. Jai Aggarwal


Urbanization and Its Impact on the Environment of Twin Cities of Odisha

Maitreyee Mishra


Analysing Urban Flooding in India: Causes, Impact and Mitigation Measures

Pritam Ahirrao


Planning for Sustainable Storm Water Management: A Case of Surat

S. S. Mosby


Unrest in Jodhpur City Owing to the Rising Ground Water Table

Shraddha Dewangan


Impact of Water Management in Institutional Campuses: Case of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Shubham Jaiswal and Akhilesh Kumar


Exploratory Analysis Investigating Cooling Effect of Urban Green: Evidence from Howrah

Sudeshna Haldar and SKP


Quantification of Local Cooling Impacted by Urban Green Spaces: Insights from Cyclone Amphan

Sudeshna Haldar and SKP


Published in association with NIT Raipur

Conference Proceedings on Urban Interventions | NIT Raipur

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