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The fertile land and abundant wealth of Bengal attracted many conquerors who left their mark on its timeline; some only plundered while others became rulers. Their footprints, similar to the alluvial soil of the Ganges delta, silted up layer upon layer. The harsh climate faded many footprints with time, while a few remained intact. Traces of these layers can be found everywhere in Bengal. With age, some layers got merged, others transformed into something hybrid, while others got lost in time. This complex state led to many interpretations; over time myths converted to facts, misconceptions paved way for more misconceptions. Bengal's story, like many others' around the world, offers scope for invention and re-imagining.


In this book, authors challenge the myths and misconceptions about Bengal's past and offer a fresh perspective of the contested facts analyzing its architecture, built environment and cultural heritage. By no means comprehensive, this small attempt still brings new ideas and questions to front which no doubt will spark further investigation.

Re-Imagining Bengal: Architecture, Built Environment and Cultural Heritage

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  • Iftekhar Ahmed and Mohammad Habib Reza
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