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Reforming Urban Transport in India is an attempt to take stock of the various issues our cities and towns are facing in the area of urban transport, efforts made and being made both at the policy level as well as the field level to address the problems, the ever increasing complexities of challenges in the area of urban mobility and some of the laudable initiatives on the ground to handle the problems.


This book would be a valuable addition to the limited literature available on the subject of urban transport in India. The topic has not attained much prominence even in the broader discussions on the transport sector issues in the country. The fact that we address our urban transport issues in a casual manner but there is need to take them up in a focused and purposeful manner and this can no longer be delayed is probably the one loud message which is emerging out of this volume.


The wealth of knowledge of the contributors, each one of them having huge experience behind them in this sector, makes the book a valuable addition to the literature and a helpful guide in policy discussions.

Reforming Urban Transport in India: Issues and Best Practices

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  • Dr. M. Ramachandran (Former Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development)
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