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The book represents a passionate attempt aimed to bring into cognizance the condition of splendid artworks in spiritual, historic Sikh shrines (Gurdwaras) of India and Pakistan. The photographic documentation of artworks in the form of Jaratkari (inlaid stone), Mohrakashi (frescoes), Tukri (mirrors), Gach (gypsum) and gold embossing depicts important facets and values of the society of that period: patience, belief in nature, soberness, and above all, the memories of our great Gurus.


This book would be enlightening about not only preserving the dilapidated art forms but also in many other ways, especially the various Sakhis related to Guru Nanak Sahib in the form of Mohrakashi displayed in Gurdwara Baba Atal Rai in Amritsar. Further, this book would help in garnering the attention of concerned people towards this important but neglected issue of preservation of artworks in historic Gurdwaras as well as the memoirs related to our great Gurus there in.


Splendid Artworks in Historic Sikh Shrines | Conservation Perspective

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  • Balvinder Singh
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