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Considering its multi-faceted role and importance, cities need to be made more sustainable and livable in order to minimize the rapidly growing challenges and conflicts in environment and ecology. Considering the context of cities, UN in September 2015 has unanimously adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030 and dedicated Goal 11, in the Seventeen Sustainable Goals enunciated to make this planet sustainable. Goal 11 calls for making cities and communities safe, resilient, sustainable and inclusive. Studies have also revealed that achieving Goal 11 would also help in achieving part of the objectives defined under 9 out of 17 other goals . New Part 11 of National Building Code of India 2016 also brought approach to sustainability for regulatory frame work of adoption.


The book looks holistically at the SDGs including targets defined under the Goal11. With a dedicated chapter on each defined target, the book tries to go into the genesis of the various urban facets and suggest options to make cities more livable and productive. The book covers wide range of issues related to planning, development, planning of the peri-urban areas, urban governance, heritage, transportation, green and open spaces besides need for making buildings green and sustainable.

Deccoding SDG 11 | Sustainable Development Goals

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  • Jit Kumar Gupta
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