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The book systematically delves into the complex intersection of Islam with art and architecture, unraveling the profound philosophical and aesthetic foundations that serve as the bedrock for Islamic artistic expressions. Commencing with comparative analyses of geometric patterns in traditional and contemporary Indo-Islamic architecture, it unveils the enduring significance of these patterns in India's architectural legacy. Moving through the pages, the narrative unfolds the intricacies of the Mughal era, thoroughly examining the role of geometric ornamentation in Mughal buildings and its transformative impact on the grandeur of Mughal architecture. Additionally, the discourse navigates the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions inherent in Islamic gardens, dissecting their elements through Quranic references and elucidating their sacred connections.

The Majesty of Islamic Art and Architecture

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  • Sharmin Khan, Kheir Al-Kodmany, Mohd Khalid Hassan, M. Farhan Fazli

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